Thursday, 23 February 2017

Warscroll cards.A few quick tests.

One of the things I love most about INQ28 was the trend away from mass produced plastic game accessories to something more personal.A wooden box, Stone counters,Bone dice... It speaks of an extension of the gaming experience beyond a set of arbitrary rules within the tabletop landscape and towards something more expansive, A form of roleplay and story creation.
For me this tied in with my love of all things arcane, ancient & antique.

Too that end I've been trying out some quick ideas for unit cards for AOS28 to try and get across that same sense of props adding to the game experience. For me it seems that having a beautiful atmospheric set up is a waste if it's going to be undermined by bright laser cut acrylic tokens and badly photocopied character sheets.

I have a nice little wooden card box from an antique shop which i'm planning on using to carry my game accessories and a deck of warscroll cards in something I've wanted to make since AOS launched, and now seems the right time.

I think I'll move away from the "everything is faces" look I've been keeping so far and do something a little more astrological as suites the many realms of AoS.

I'll be making a trip to Cornelissen & sons this week as they have some nice off cuts of hand made rough edged paper for sale in roughly tarot size, So will post up something more final soon, But I thought some might like to see these for now.

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