Saturday, 3 June 2017

A strange excursion....

What do you do when you have 3 days to finish you degree show work and need all the time you have spare to finish your research? 

Take an impromptu trip to warhammer world of course! 

I'm not really sure what i can say on the subject of warhammer world that hasn't been said before. Great scenery, an amazing shop, wonderful displays and a pretty good burger and beer! 

On the subject of the displays, They GW studio have been busy cranking out some amazing dioramas for Age of Sigmar. None of my photographs could ever do them justice, But the Ironwarp citadel and the fortress of Nurgle are mesmerising. It's a massive shame in my opinion that GW haven't published a nice coffee table book of these dioramas ,As each one is well deserving of it's own dedicated book.

But what is a blog post without pictures? I got some time between finishing my bugmans ale and trying out 8th edition 40k to photograph some of my AOS28 miniatures on the amazing  Ruins of Dras’Shiel scenic table.
Hopefully next time I head down I'll be able to really get a few games in with some future conversions...

Therin the blind searches for arcane secrets.

Dainna and Burik explore the ruins in search of  heretics.

Burik and Huund on guard.

Imcyra the many blessed spreading sigmars light in the dark corners of the realms.

Sir Bry'nn the blessed leads his holy brothers through ancient ruins.

Imcyra among the ruins.

Reinhold Heilbrand leads his motley crew in search of foul sorcery.


A place of secret and arcane power....