Sunday, 11 June 2017

A pox upon thee....

A foul wind has blown through the old woods. 
It has turned the chilled swamps into stinking quagmires.
The ground swells and weeps.
Ever do the carrion flies swarm.

The plague has come to the shadow realm, A herald of 
Some new force come to seek the Mystarikum....

A jolly warband marches through the woods, Their songs and blessings cutting through the mist.
Singing and dancing they come, 
Brothers in arms, Comrades and friends all.
The servants of the plague have crawled from where their plague ridden bodies fell.

One, A freeguild greatsword captain by the name of Hildebrand Geschwind
has taken up his beloved blade and rallied his men.
Now he marches to war, The banners and horns of his host blow again in the busy streets of his home town.
He has come to bring the new word of nurgle to those in the dark realm.

So yeah, I couldn't resist.
I got my hands on a couple of poxwalkers a week early and I knew i wanted them to form the base of an Age of sigmar warband.I've always loved nurgle and wanted to build a unit of grimy old nurgle soldiers and these guys just scream that to me.

The miniatures ooze character and as with everything from the dark imperium box was an absolute joy to paint.
This guy is a really simple conversion, Just a greatsword from the demigryph knight box cut up and attached to the weapon handle of the poxwalker.

This guy was painted almost entirely with washes and model mates weathering wash (which i recommend everyone get!) I look forward to doing more of his joyfull brothers and sisters.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


"Whats this?"
"Is it some sort of stormcast?"
"Chaos warrior perhaps? "

"Well whatever it is, Let's get it inside, I'm sure mayor Brukhem will want to see it."

Last words of 3 citizens of warp world xxxIIIv3 as they tried to drag off the unconcious brother Aremis.

When I'm not at home in a small room full of miniatures, I'm at work in a big room full of miniatures. 
My latest task at work has been to get the new 8th edition set painted up, And I couldn't resist diving in with a primaris marine.

I haven't painted a marine in about 4 years, And i haven't painted an unconverted ,studio paintjob marine since i started this hobby 15 years ago when I moved from The lord of the rings miniatures to ultramarines.

So what are they like? Well, They're great.This is what space marines should always have been.Big, Powerful giants in armour, But with a real sense of speed and dynamism to the sculpts.They paint up lovely, With nice flat panels for highlighting. (or weathering and freehand when i get my hands on my own squad.....) 

IF you like marines, Or converting, Or painting, Or miniatures in general, Then you'll have fun playing around with these. (and the whole contents of the box- I'm looking at those nurgle cultists like a dog looks at an unguarded ham...) 

I'll also take this chance to show the shadow wars scenery I've been painting up for the store lately. 
GW are really knocking it out the park at the moment with kits that reward the painter, And i can't wait to see what they do next.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Eclipse entries.

The entries for Ex profundis Eclipse contest are now all online, And they're all well worth checking out! There are some really wonderful conversions being put forward and every entry is packed with character.

You can check them out over at

Saturday, 3 June 2017

A strange excursion....

What do you do when you have 3 days to finish you degree show work and need all the time you have spare to finish your research? 

Take an impromptu trip to warhammer world of course! 

I'm not really sure what i can say on the subject of warhammer world that hasn't been said before. Great scenery, an amazing shop, wonderful displays and a pretty good burger and beer! 

On the subject of the displays, They GW studio have been busy cranking out some amazing dioramas for Age of Sigmar. None of my photographs could ever do them justice, But the Ironwarp citadel and the fortress of Nurgle are mesmerising. It's a massive shame in my opinion that GW haven't published a nice coffee table book of these dioramas ,As each one is well deserving of it's own dedicated book.

But what is a blog post without pictures? I got some time between finishing my bugmans ale and trying out 8th edition 40k to photograph some of my AOS28 miniatures on the amazing  Ruins of Dras’Shiel scenic table.
Hopefully next time I head down I'll be able to really get a few games in with some future conversions...

Therin the blind searches for arcane secrets.

Dainna and Burik explore the ruins in search of  heretics.

Burik and Huund on guard.

Imcyra the many blessed spreading sigmars light in the dark corners of the realms.

Sir Bry'nn the blessed leads his holy brothers through ancient ruins.

Imcyra among the ruins.

Reinhold Heilbrand leads his motley crew in search of foul sorcery.


A place of secret and arcane power....