Thursday, 8 June 2017


"Whats this?"
"Is it some sort of stormcast?"
"Chaos warrior perhaps? "

"Well whatever it is, Let's get it inside, I'm sure mayor Brukhem will want to see it."

Last words of 3 citizens of warp world xxxIIIv3 as they tried to drag off the unconcious brother Aremis.

When I'm not at home in a small room full of miniatures, I'm at work in a big room full of miniatures. 
My latest task at work has been to get the new 8th edition set painted up, And I couldn't resist diving in with a primaris marine.

I haven't painted a marine in about 4 years, And i haven't painted an unconverted ,studio paintjob marine since i started this hobby 15 years ago when I moved from The lord of the rings miniatures to ultramarines.

So what are they like? Well, They're great.This is what space marines should always have been.Big, Powerful giants in armour, But with a real sense of speed and dynamism to the sculpts.They paint up lovely, With nice flat panels for highlighting. (or weathering and freehand when i get my hands on my own squad.....) 

IF you like marines, Or converting, Or painting, Or miniatures in general, Then you'll have fun playing around with these. (and the whole contents of the box- I'm looking at those nurgle cultists like a dog looks at an unguarded ham...) 

I'll also take this chance to show the shadow wars scenery I've been painting up for the store lately. 
GW are really knocking it out the park at the moment with kits that reward the painter, And i can't wait to see what they do next.

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